BUNKR was founded and is run by a team of successful entrepreneurs who have a unique perspective on building human-focused software. We believe that software should work for the human-user, not the other way around. We are deeply committed to our vision of empowering people and businesses to live better by transforming the way they secure, share, and organize their most important information.


BUNKR is a well-funded, privately held business, giving us the ability to keep the company operating in the interests of our customers and towards our vision of creating Trust. Most businesses are unable to operate under this model because of a dependence on others' financial resources. We are relentlessly committed to creating value in our customers' lives through our products and services while treating them with respect and integrity.


We’ve been successful in doing this in the past by founding and operating, FairWarning, a human-centric-software technology company, for over a decade. FairWarning protects patient privacy and financial information for 8,500 of the largest healthcare facilities and financial institutions around the World. 


When done right we know from experience that businesses like BUNKR create Trust and value in the lives of everyone involved. We are relentlessly committed to this concept and will always strive to run a profitable, growing business while taking into consideration all stakeholders, starting with the lives of our BUNKR customers.



BUNKR Co-Founders