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Here is a bit about who we are, how we got here, and where we are going

Our Story

BUNKR was created and is operated by a team of successful entrepreneurs who have family, close friends, personal passions and travel as foundational in our lives. Using traditional cloud storage, messengers, email, and a myriad of apps filled our lives with tech-frustration and productivity loss. These legacy technologies also subjected us to unprecedented levels of security and fraud risks as well as continual surveillance which eroded our trust in the world. The legacy technologies took us away from the things that matter most. We came to believe there is a better way, so we created BUNKR.

The BUNKR vision is to provide affordable mobile (app) essentials empowering individuals and families to live better. The BUNKR team believes that technology plays a positive role in giving time back to us while building trust with the people we value most. We strive to make products that improve the lives of our customers everyday and believe in the principles below:

Personal Sovereignty. People have an inherent right to have their own information organized, private, secure and instantly accessible so they can conduct their lives with dignity, anytime and anywhere.

The Need for Spiritual Well-Being. Trust is a fundamental tenant of spiritual well being. Technology can be used to protect and build trust between people through proper security, a commitment to customer privacy as well as transparency in how personal information is handled.

Give People Their Time Back. At its best technology serves people so they are more productive, empowering them to spend time on what matter most in their lives including spending time with friends and family.

Sincerely,BUNKR Co-Founders


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