Aligning Software with Humanity’s Best Interests

The original bargain we made with software was that the customer pays for it, and then the software works for the customer so they are more productive and have more time to do things that are fulfilling. This aligns the relationship between the software manufacturer and the betterment of the customer’s life, and also builds trust between the software supplier and their customer. It was the spirit behind Steve Jobs' now famous quote when he said computers are like a “bicycle for the mind”, that computing could improve humankind’s productivity. We could go further, faster. We could be more productive and have more time to do as we choose.

However, about a decade ago, the software industry pivoted from this value-creation based model to a focus on changing human-behavior and monopolizing the customer’s attention. This was facilitated by the business model of giving away software for free to collect as much data as possible about ‘users’ then selling influence over the ‘users’ to advertisers and other third parties. Advertisers now spend billions with software-based companies for the ability to sway our thoughts, feelings, and emotions toward the advertisers’ aims. It is well documented that the largest software companies now employ the business model of monopolizing our attention which leads to extreme political views, and an inability for society to agree on basic facts such as “the Earth is round” and attention based culture which has undesirable side-effects.

It’s time for a change toward consumer-empowered business models in which customers receive transparency, control, and freedom. BUNKR believes the software industry and society will arrive at business models which are more enlightened and we are deeply committed to aligning our software with our customers’ best interests. If software manufacturers all believe in serving their customers’ best interests then collectively we better serve humanity’s best interests.


The starting point for BUNKR is to respect the privacy of our customers and present Policies as well as Terms of Use in easy to understand language that is also easy to find for customers. We also respect the privacy and security regulations of the countries, states, and provinces in which we conduct business. These regulations are laws which were put in place to the protect and align the interests of citizens with business.

BUNKR aspires to the following principles which we believe align with the interest of our customers:

1) Make the Best Use of People’s Time

Time is the most precious resource and you can’t get it back. That’s why software must be highly performant and responsive so that people can save time and focus on what matters to them most. Our goal is to empower customers to reach new levels of productivity so they can spend their time wisely with the people they love. We do not strive to monopolize our customers’ attention.

2) Build Trust in the World

In BUNKR you are free to Trust, conduct meaningful business, and grow valuable relationships. Trust is a human-need and is the fabric of our democracy, business operations, family life, and friendships. We are entirely committed to delivering a software product that builds Trust. There are no ‘bots’, anonymous fraudsters, scams, and malware. We believe that software is most valuable when real-humans and reputable institutions can work together free from threats and misinformation.

3) Create Immediately-Intuitive and Elegant Design

Immediately intuitive and elegant design creates simplicity. We aspire to make using BUNKR simple and require little or no training so that you can derive value from it as quickly as possible. It should feel comfortable and familiar. By only presenting what you need, you can be free from distraction and wasted time. We aspire to create beautiful products that you can easily understand and enjoy through immediately-intuitive and elegant design that is simple.

By empowering people to save time and gain control of the tools they rely on to create value in their lives, we align BUNKR’s interests and the customers’ interests. In doing so, we can create Trust and build powerful relationships that benefit all stakeholders involved, starting with the lives of our customers.

If each software company were to align their interests with their customers’ genuine best interests, we collectively can align with humanity’s best interests.