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BUNKR Security, Privacy and Data Integrity

Encryption. Encryption within all aspects of BUNKR is always on and cannot be disabled. BUNKR stores all of your information encrypted in our cloud as well as encrypted on your phone. Your information is transferred to our cloud in an encrypted format. Your information is stored encrypted in our cloud in all forms, database, text, blobs, and other. All communications between BUNKR customers are encrypted, and private (see privacy below). Storage encryption algorithms are FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module AES 256-bit cypher. Communication encryption protocols are TLS (SHA-256), SSL (MD5)

Privacy. BUNKR is a completely private app, and at no time is your information provided to third-parties for commercial purposes of any kind.

Free-apps, popular messengers and many cloud storage options are based on the business model of compromising your privacy. The practices of these suppliers are not transparent to the public, and there are significant numbers of confirmed incidents of major technology vendors supplying information to third parties for commercial, surveillance and political purposes.

Zero Trust. BUNKR utilizes encrypted access tokens which are used to secure all internal communications between software-service modules. These tokens are generated and managed by a market leading company in this category. This means that BUNKR employees cannot access customer information in transit even if they have administrative credentials.

Authentication. Access to BUNKR on your phone requires bio-metric authentication even if your phone is already open

Stolen Phone. If your phone is stolen, your information is encrypted on the device. The criminal cannot access information stored in BUNKR. (See authentication above)

Synchronization and the Event of Lost or Stolen Phone. . BUNKR stores all of your information encrypted in our cloud as well as encrypted on your phone. We automatically synchronize all of your BUNKR devices with our cloud and across your devices.

This means your most important information is always securely available on your devices and can be securely and easily be restored. This includes messages, files, photos, notes, passwords and anything stored or sent in BUNKR. The result is your life is protected and carries on without interruption.

Impostors. BUNKR protects you against impostor connections so that you cannot be subjected to messages from unknown parties

Internal Security. Your personal information can never be accessed by BUNKR employees except at the request of judicial or law enforcement legal subpoena. It is well documented that major platform vendors have accessed “secure customer data”. Their practices are not transparent to the public and remain opaque. Also see encryption above for more information on internal security

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing. BUNKR infrastructure passes the highest levels of penetration and vulnerability testing. These tests are conducted by a third-party who conducts more SOC 2 certifications than any company in the world

Regulatory Compliance. BUNKR is compliant with regulations used in healthcare, banking and wealth management.


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