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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to register for BUNKR?

The only requirements for registration are the following:
- First & Last Name
- Phone Number
- One-time SMS code
- For mobile registration you will need to be logged into iCloud or GooglePlay and have a credit card on file. BUNKR offers a free 7-day trial.

What platforms does BUNKR support?

- iPhone
- iPad
- Laptop/Desktop

- Mobile Phone(s)

- Laptop/Desktop

How can I get support as a BUNKR customer?

When you are a BUNKR customer, you have direct access to actual people (not a robot) on our support team. You can message them anytime by going to your Direct Messages, and sending a message to Support@bunkr.life.

You can also email Support@bunkr.life, or go to https://bunkr.life/support

Does BUNKR sell customer data to any third parties?

No. BUNKR believes that Privacy is a Human Right & we do not sell customer data in any form.

Is BUNKR secure ?

Yes, BUNKR is secure & private, dedicated to the highest security standards.

For more security details you can visit https://bunkr.life/security

What is BUNKR?

For an introduction to BUNKR, please visit our website https://bunkr.life or watch this short video: Introduction to BUNKR


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