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BUNKR’s Vision, Business Model and Beliefs

Vision. BUNKR's vision is to give customers time back in their day while growing trust and reducing the anxiety in their lives.

Business Model

BUNKR's business model is aligned with the well-being of its customers through the company's product design and service principles. BUNKR’s products are designed to save our customers time, eliminate frustrations, and protect customers from security, privacy and surveillance risks. We strive to treat our customers the way we would hope to be treated.

BUNKR believes privacy is a human right and we never sell any form of customer data to any third party. In exchange our customers pay a subscription fee tor the value we create in their lives and the promise to treat them as we would wish to be treated.


Privacy. Privacy is an existential condition for humanity providing the basis for freedom of speech and thought. When our right to privacy is compromised we become susceptible to easy manipulation by commercial and political interests. The fourth amendment of the United States Constitution provides for protection against unreasonable searches and seizures as well as a requirement of probable cause prior to surveillance. The United Nations mandates a Special Rapporteur providing for similar protections.

When our privacy is violated through surveillance in the on-line world, our freedom of thought and expression is diminished through the intimidation and manipulation by those who conduct surveillance.

BUNKR gives our customers a private place to confidently conduct their legitimate personal and business affairs while respecting laws and regulations.

Due Process, Procedural Due Process. Essential to an orderly and fair society is a legal system which protects the rights of the innocent, providing the accused with a fair trial and an objective system which considers legally collected evidence. These principles are also paramount to supporting regulations found in health, wealth, banking and other industries. Due process and associated laws are aimed at protecting the interests of every day people’s finances, money, health care and general well-being and are supported by BUNKR.

Good Intensions. We strive to carry good intention into all that we do. “Good” intention is to wish spiritual well-being and growth onto other people. The nature of people is that sometimes we are defensive, moody and some people are not good intentioned. Regardless BUNKR team members strive to behave in a way that brings well-being to others, and avoid people who are committed to bad intentions.

Ethical Behavior and Leadership. Corporate governance, regulation and legal structures such as B-Corps are all positive and of good intention. However, the ultimate source of decent and humane conduct of a corporation is the ethical behavior the company's leadership. Serious commitment to ethical behavior by leadership carries down by example to every team member. Time and time again, we witness corporations governed by the strictest regulations ethically fail their stakeholders which include shareholders, employees, customers, society and planet.

Balancing the interests of a corporation's stakeholders is the major challenge our world faces as capitalism has become foundational in lifting the world out of poverty as well as the major steward in the care of our planet and society. None of us are perfect but this balance weigh on the hearts and minds of leadership at BUNKR. Corporations will behave within the ethical boundaries of their leadership and team members.

Accountability and Teamwork. BUNKR team members beginning with its leadership are expected to continually evaluate their own behavior and intentions. This is a mindset of confident humility. Sharing a common vision, transparency, developing accountability with each other and holding ourselves accountable for upholding our commitments is foundational to BUNKR’s culture. Our culture is the way we "get work done".

Persist. We expect to persist with integrity though times of ease and prosperity as well as times of difficulty. This is perhaps the most important BUNKR value of all.

Sincerely,Kurt LongCo-Founder, Chair


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